Textured Floors

Textured Floors

Demystifying Textured Floors

Textured floors are intriguing. They can arise concerns, but do not worry. A textured floor is not rough, and contrary to general belief, a textured floor is not a rustic floor. For most of these products, the texture is almost invisible, which makes them extremely versatile.

Texture Types

Smooth Floor
Smooth floor - PG Flooring


Chased Floor
Chased floor - PG Flooring


Brushed Floor
Brushed floor - PG Flooring

Why Choose Texture?

In certain cases, the floor’s texture is purely aesthetic. However, it is often chosen for its capacity to increase the life span of your floor. Texture products make it possible to cover wear marks. You floor will keep its initial look longer. It is therefore ideal to choose a textured floor if you have pets or young children.

Keep in mind that no house is perfect. The wearing of your floor through the years is perfectly normal. It is a sign that your house is full of life.