COVID-19 : Precautionary measures established at PG Hardwood Flooring



Last Update : June 26, 2020

Here a list of precautionary measures that have been taken in our premises to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe.

Our priority is and will always be the well-being of our employees.

- All workstations have been evaluated to respect the two-meter prescribed distance between employees at any tie. In situations where the two-meter distance cannot be respected, wearing a mask and protective goggles, or a visor, is mandatory.

- Hand cleaning stations have been installed as well as signs to sensitize employees about the importance of regularly cleaning your hands.

- Cleaning of rest areas, punch machines, the reception,conference room and bathrooms are done on a daily basis. We ask for everyone’s collaboration to clean regularly surfaces often used in your work space.

- Communal spaces like lunch areas (interior and exterior) and smoking areas have been modified with plexiglass protections to ensure that employees can securely chat with each other during breaks.

- Work tools that are shared on a daily basis, like tablets, bidirectional radios, machines and putty trowels are cleaned and disinfected 2 times per day (between work shifts).

- Access to all the PG premises is prohibited for all the employees and visitors who have been to another country or have been to an airport. This has to be respected for 14 days, starting when the person is coming back.

- Exception for Freight Companies: Truckers can access the premises to unload or to load deliveries, even if they have been abroad in the last 14 days. However, they cannot leave their vehicles and we ask that the receptionist and everyone that might be in contact with them to be really careful (by washing their hands after manipulating the bill of lading).

- Access to all PG premises is prohibited for visitors with symptoms that might be linked to the COVID-19.

- All employees with symptoms that might be associated to COVID-19, notwithstanding if they have traveled outside Canada or not, must place themselves in voluntary isolation. The access to all PG premises is prohibited for people with symptoms as long as they have symptoms or until they get a doctor’s note certifying that they are not infected.

- Employees and visitors will have their temperature taken with a laser thermometer before entering our premises, and a person with fever will be denied access.

- Working from home is now mandatory when possible.

- Videoconferences and phone calls is the best option to avoid meetings.

- Office employees are asked to leave their doors closed to promote phone calls and emails and, incidentally, avoid unnecessary meetings. In addition, wearing a mask and protective goggles is mandatory when circulating outside offices.

- Employees are encouraged to take personal measures to protect themselves, like wash their hands regularly with lukewarm water and soap, use alcohol-based disinfectant if they don’t have access to water and soap, cover their mouth and nose with their arm when coughing and sneezing and avoid handshakes.

- To support our employees that might experience psychological stress, we have an Aid program for employees and their families (PAE). In addition, all employees and their families have access to telemedicine via the Dialogue app. This app gives access to a doctor or a nurse 24/7.

- A special committee is meeting every week to follow the situation’s progress and adjust the precautionary measures if necessary.

 The well-being of our employees, our business partners and their families are our number one priority. 

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