3/4" thick
Offered on different widths

Great durability
Possibility to sand it up to 7 times

Ecological choice
FSC® and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications

stapled or nailed

Solid hardwood floors are entirely composed of solid hardwood. Each board is carefully shaped from a single piece of wood. They have a thickness of ¾ in and are offered on different widths: 2 ¼ in, 3 ¼ in, 4 ¼ in, 5 ¼ in and 7 in.

Solid hardwood is standing out from other types of floor coverings because of its great durability, as well as the possibility to sand it up to 7 times during its lifespan. The sanding of a floor is allowing for a complete refurbishment, with the opportunity to apply a different stain if we want to change the look of our home as the years go by.

Installing a solid hardwood floor is increasing the value of a property.

Hardwood is a healthy, natural, and local material as well as the best ecological choice of all floor covering options. PG Flooring products are FSC® and GREENGUARD GOLD certified. (For more info on our environmental standards, click here.)

Solid hardwood floors can be nailed or stapled. We often find them at ground level or higher floors, but certain installation methods are allowing to install them in basements if the humidity level and ambient temperature are adequately controlled.

The smooth surface of prefinished and pre-oiled hardwood floors is not retaining dust or allergens. A simple but regular maintenance will keep your floor in a perfect condition for a long time.

PG floors are manufactured with a renowned precision with the most wanted wood species, making them the most consistent product on the floor covering market.

PG Flooring is offering prefinished and pre-oiled floors with one of the smallest micro-V bevels of the industry, giving the advantage of a smoother surface and guaranteeing the high-end quality of our floors.



1/2" thick
Available in 5" wide

Lower response to
humidity level changes

glued, nailed, stapled or floating

PG Cohesion engineered floors are composed of a hardwood wear layer of 5/32 in (4 mm) and a 7-ply cross hardwood plywood. They have a total thickness of ½ in and are offered in the 5 in width.

Engineered floors are offering great durability and our PG Cohesion structure can be sanded up to 2 times during its lifespan.

Engineered wood is standing out due to its lower response to humidity level changes; therefore, it is often used in basements. It can be glued, nailed, stapled or floated.

Just like solid hardwood, the surface of engineered floors is not retaining dust or allergens. A simple but regular maintenance will keep your floor in a perfect condition for a long time.