PG Flooring grades

Grades define the appearance of wood in terms of colour. Each company has its own classification and standards. Although PG Flooring follows industry classification standards, the company imposes higher in-house standards on its grades.

Select & Better grade - PG Flooring

Select & Better

Slight variations in wood tones. Sound knots of 1/8 in (3mm) or less are accepted.

Instinct grade - PG Flooring


All colour variations allowed.

Pacific grade - PG Flooring


Mixture of Select & Better and Instinct grades.

Heritage grade - PG Flooring


All colour variations allowed. All knots, sound or not, of maximum diameter one inch and depth of one-half inch, as well as all other imperfections such as surface holes, are minimized through artificial means.

The four grades offered by PG Flooring are Instinct, Pacific, Select & Better and Heritage. PG Flooring produces Select & Better grade wood and as an offshoot, Instinct grade wood. In this case, defects are cut away to meet standards. The Pacific grade applies only to species with a mixture of colours.

Grades classification - PG Flooring

Maple, birch and red oak come in four grades: Select & Better, Pacific, Instinct and Heritage, graded from the lightest to the darkest shades. Silver maple and ash are available in the Pacific and the Heritage grades.


Find out more about our grades by consulting our GRADES GUIDE.

Grades Guide - PG Flooring