Prefinished finishes

PG Flooring finishes are the result of several years of research and development to obtain a perfect balance between adhesion, abrasion, appearance and flexibility. These important properties add resistance to the flooring surface in addition to a remarkable gloss finish.

MATTE : 3% to 8% gloss

SATIN : 22% to 32% gloss

SEMI-GLOSS : 42% to 52% gloss

Model EXTREME : 22% to 32% gloss

Advantages of our prefinished finishes

  • The finish applied to our boards offers a perfect balance between adherence, abrasion resistance, appearance and flexibility. These important properties add durability to the flooring and help maintain its remarkable shine.

  • Possibility of obtaining a finish even more resistant to surface wear that maintains its shine even longer: Model Extreme.

  • The appearance of the finish is so exceptional that it is comparable to the finish on high-end furniture.

  • The low solvent, formaldehyde, and VOC (volatile organic compound) content of the varnishing products used on our flooring eliminates any risk to human health.

  • Finish including an anti-yellowing agent that slows down or diminishes changes in the colour of hardwood flooring.


Pre-oiled finish

PG Flooring pre-oiled UV floors are finished with natural renewable oil, an environmentally friendly choice. This process allows the wood to breathe and is popular because it is simple to maintain and repair. Pre-oiled flooring also enhances the grain of the wood, conferring a matte, rustic appearance.

PRE-OILED finish : 3% to 8% gloss

Advantages of our pre-oiled finish

  • Pre-oiled flooring is easy to maintain. A simple application of oil should suffice to eventually impart its look of origin.

  • The natural oils originate from vegetable resins in order to guarantee you an environmentally-friendly solution.

  • The use of oil highlights the grain of the wood and allows it to breathe and maintain a rustic matt appearance.

  • Simple to refurbish or repair

  • Trendy

Finishes compare - PG Flooring

3% to 8% gloss

22% to 32% gloss

42% to 52% gloss


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