Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Information

For PG Hardwood Flooring Inc., the respect of privacy of our current or future clients, our suppliers and our partners is the key element of our commitment to provide a top-quality service.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal Information collected by PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. is private and only the authorized personnel have access to it. In addition, all new employees have to sign a confidential agreement.

Documents are only containing essential information relevant to a good business relationship. No information is collected by PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. without the consent of the current or future client, the supplier or the partner.

It is our duty to keep exact, complete and up-to-date information. If one wishes to check the accuracy or change his personal information, he can communicate with the Customer Service Coordinator.

For integrity of information, training and quality control reasons, phone calls might be recorded or listened to.

Privacy protection

PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. applies numerous rules to protect personal information.

In the exception of providing a service you signed up for, to give effect to a court order or to answer an authorized government agency, personal information will never be made public, sold, or disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Information Transmission

PG Hardwood Flooring inc. is not responsible for any damage arising from the interception, loss or modification of an email or any text message or commercial electronic message (CEM) transmitted to the company.

Information from our clients, suppliers or partners is not secured when sent by email, text message or CEM. We strongly advise sending confidential information with caution and to transfer credit card numbers and banking information by fax or secured pdf.

Anti-Spam Policy

In accordance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (C-28), we are committed to ensure the security of our clients, suppliers and partners information and to take the appropriate measures to achieve this goal.

As per email utilization, PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. is expecting its team to always ensure that consent was given in a detailed and structured way.

Email Utilization Consent

When a current or future client:

• Fills the credit agreement form and transfer the information by fax or email;
• Places an order or requests information via the or by any other means;
• Sends an email or contact the company by any other means,

- He automatically agrees to let PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. to use his personal information to evaluate his needs and prepare a quote for the desired product or information.

- He agrees to let a PG representative contact him by phone, email or any other means to give information or to answer his questions.

- He automatically agrees to let PG promote its products and services and send memos to his email address.

- He understands that the utilization of his email is done in accordance with PG’s Anti-Spam Policy, always in order to fulfill his request, so that one correspondence is necessary.

- He understands that he, in accordance with PG’s Anti-Spam Policy; he is the right, at any time, to revoke his consent regarding the utilization of his email.


In accordance with PG’s Anti-Spam Policy, it is possible, at any time, to revoke consent regarding the utilization of email by communicating with customer service.

Policy Information

For more information on our Privacy Policy and the protection of personal information, please contact:

Elsia Lavigne-Daigle
Customer experience Manager
[email protected]
418 796-2328, ext. 151