Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property

This website cannot be reproduced in full or in part without our prior express agreement.

The elements displayed on this website including texts, pictures, logos, sketches, software, audio files and video clips, are our property or are provided under a licence. Other elements are always displayed with references and sources. These elements are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada and other jurisdictions.

In order to use one of our pictures or logos, it is mandatory to include the reference or source.

For additional information, please contact us at the: [email protected]

Submitted Content to PG Flooring

Any messages, notes, posts, ideas, suggestions or other material submitted to PG Flooring becomes the property of PG Flooring and any usage, of the provided and submitted material of any type or nature, in one form or another, is allowed for perpetuity. By submitting any material on this website, you are knowingly accepting that PG Flooring may use the material as mentioned above, for any promotions or advertisements, without compensating you in any form.

Any communications or material that is transmitted electronically (or not) to the website, including any data, questions, commentaries, suggestions are non-confidential and non-proprietary and will be treated accordingly, with the exception of material qualifying for our protective cover under the privacy policy and protection of personal information.

Authorization and Access to the Website

PG Flooring is allowing access with limited authorization for personal use of the website without downloading (except for cache memory) or modifying it, in full or in part, except if prior express agreement is taken with PG Flooring. Excluded from this authorization: any resale or commercial use of the website and its content, any product displays, any descriptions or prices for commercial use, downloading, uploading and copying any information concerning accounts of another retailer, any usage of tools used for exploration, gathering information and data extraction. The website and its content or any portion of both cannot be reproduced, copied, sold, resold, consulted or operated in any other way for any commercial use without the express agreement of PG Flooring. You are not authorized to use snipping tools to borrow content, except if you have the express agreement of PG Flooring. PG Flooring is forbidding the use of meta tags or any other form of hidden text in its name or trade names without its express agreement. Any unauthorized utilization of the website will terminate any authorization or permission allowed by PG Flooring. PG Flooring is allowing voidable and non-exclusive limited rights for the creation of hyperlinks towards the home page of the website as long as this link does not represent PG Flooring, its affiliates or its products and services in a false, deceptive, defamatory, or any other offensive way. It is forbidden to use the PG Flooring logo or any other graphic design or trade name owned by PG Flooring without the express agreement of PG Flooring.


You are acknowledging that the whole content of the website, including texts, graphic elements, logos, trade names, software, button icons, pictures, audio clips, digital download content, data compilation (content), presentation of displayed information on the website and any other information related to the website, is the property of PG Flooring. Pictures of people, locations and displayed products on the website are the property of PG Flooring and are not to be used without the express agreement of PG Flooring.


The website includes a commentary section for sharing information between PG Flooring and bloggers and users as well as real-time interaction between users. We reserve our right to refuse access to a user or monitor, correct, refuse to display or delete in part or in full the information or elements that we, at our discretion, find reprehensible or not in accordance with present conditions. Users accessing the commentary section consent to:

  • Not using the name, picture, likeliness or voice of a person without its authorization for any other end than legitimate public information or allege and charge facts that could undermine the reputation of a person, without checking the accuracy of the facts first.
  • Not post, share or distribute or link in any way content, elements and information, or remarks that are, illegal, threatening, injurious, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, indecent, sectarian, racist, heinous, harassing, encouraging crime, engaging civil liability or prone to violate a local, provincial, federal or foreign law.
  • Not to engage or allow communication to the public by telecommunication or any other form, the publication, distribution or to copy in any way, in part or in full, the work of a third party without its authorization.
  • Not display, share or exploit in any way information, software or elements for commercial or solicitation, advertising and promotional purposes.
  • Not using commentaries for commercial use of any form and, using services to carry out a study, a concourse, a pyramidal scheme or chain letters, spams, or trying to hack or any other form of non-authorized or illegal activity.

You therefore hereby agree to use the commentary section under the mentioned conditions as a reasonable person. More specifically, you agree to ensure that no messages shared on the forums are defamatory or likely to violate privacy and image rights, obscene, heinous or engaging the civil or criminal liability of a person or entity.