About us

About us

PG Flooring is a world-class manufacturer of hardwood floors internationally distributed and conscientiously manufactured with style and care.

Beyond exceptional products, PG Flooring is first and foremost a family history. The name PG is a combination of the first letters of the names of Julien Paré and Richard Garneau, who founded the company together in 1979. At the time, the company was named PG Hardwood Flooring and was producing unfinished hardwood floorboards.

As of 1982, the company is a great success and sales reach two million board feet (fbm).


PG Flooring manufacture in 1979 and first logo


In 1990, Richard Garneau buys back the shares of its partner, Julien Paré, and in 1991, his kids, Claude, Hélène and Julie become full owners of PG Hardwood Flooring.

It is in 1997 that PG starts the production of prefinished floors in their plant: ModelMD is then created. The company is now one of Canada’s top hardwood manufacturers. ModelMD products are recognized for their exceptional quality, with the perfect balance of the varnish applied on each board.


PG Model prefinished floor and first logo in 1985


The purchase of the company Plancher Beauceville in 2002 initiated a full reorganization of the company. Relaunching this factory required an investment of more than three million dollars which allowed the company to support the growth of the client base with an additional production capacity available during the six years of operation of this plant.

Constantly evolving, PG does not go unnoticed by investing more than ¾ of a million in 2008 in the varnishing line and more than 3.5 million for a brand-new hardwood production line in 2010. These two investments will prove successful and will allow the company to remain the leader in innovation and product quality.


PG Flooring first production line


With the aim of preparing the next generation and pursue their goal of excellence, PG Flooring proceeded to an important association, in June 2010, with the shareholders of their most important hardwood supplier, Scierie Dion. This strategic partnership is allowing them to ensure the supply’s quality and quantity.


PG Flooring employee standing in raw wood storage


In June 2012, le Fonds de solidarité FTQ is investing two million dollars to support the growth of PG Flooring. The partnership with the FTQ, which has a great knowledge of the forestry sector, will allow PG to consolidate their market leadership and take advantage of business opportunities that might arise.

In 2016, a succession plan is created to pass the torch to the third generation of the Garneau family. Anne-Marie and Pierre-Denis Faucher, Hélène’s children, as well as Olivier Garneau, one of Claude’s sons and Vincent Blanchet, Julie’s son, are all working for the company.


Third generation of the Garneau family, the PG Flooring owners


In 2021, the company has involved their first level managers in an important brainstorm that would lead to the identification of why PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. is so unique. This reflection process has led to the creation of a new brand image: PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. and the ModelMD entity are now part of PG Flooring.


PG Flooring new logo on White oak floor


The analysis of the results led to the unequivocal identification of three distinct PG values : pride, respect and innovation. The managers concluded that these values are in fact the genes constituting the company’s DNA. The PG DNA was created. Whether it is in their management system, their communications or their achievements, the PG DNA is at the heart of their practices, and this since their very beginning. Therefore, at PG Flooring, every team member is a carrier of one or more of these genes.


PG Flooring employee carrier of the pride gene


PG team members are proud of their origin, of their team and their realizations. Our products are tremendous because they are made with pride.


PG Flooring employee carrier of the respect gene


To contribute to the success of PG is to respect colleagues, clients, and partners. To prioritize the respect of the community and the environment. PG is respecting its team, ensuring a safe and fun workspace. Respecting the environment in their practices is in fact at the heart of all decisions.


PG Flooring employee carrier of the innovation gene


The PG team is innovating in their products, but also in their collaborative and transparent management. With the innovation gene, PG is giving the tools to their customers to be unique in their market by ensuring the exclusive character of their collections. This proactivity is also allowing them to innovate in their products and operational skills, using this as a business growth lever.

PG is committing to manage with respect, attention, and equity each of their employees as an integral part of their important team by offering them all the privileges they deserve and all the support necessary to their professional and personal growth.

They are also committing to provide unique products of a constant quality, with an optimal yield of the material and actions.

For PG, it is natural to treat their employees, partners and clients with benevolence and transparency.