NEBULA - Unique Collection Solid Hardwood

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Maple, 3 ¼ in, matte finish

Unique Collection

Abandon yourself in the comfort of your home. Nebula’s desaturated tint brings the effect of a fine ashy mist on the maple’s natural colour. This subtle and refined characteristic will charm you and define Nebula as the centrepiece of your décor.





Please note that the PG Flooring team is making every effort possible to present pictures that reflects the colour of our products in the most accurate way possible. However, since every monitor has different display characteristics, we cannot guarantee a perfect match between the picture and the actual colour.
Wood is a natural material which colour varies depending on the cut, grain configuration and mineral streaks. Every board is unique. Samples serve as guides, but cannot represent the entirety of the floor. To validate your choice, please visit one of our retailers for full sample boards as well as detailed information sheets for the selected product.