New Products | November 2023

New Products | November 2023

It is with great pride that PG Flooring is presenting four new products this year. Our team took on the challenge of developing products that are unique, stylish, carefully manufactured, ecological, and that will respond to new interior design trends.


Jeanine | Unique Collection

Red oak | 5 1/4 in | Matte finish | Brushed effect

Named in honour of Jeanine Genest, beloved spouse of company co-founder Richard Garneau, Jeanine flooring evokes softness, beauty, and timeless appeal. Its warm, natural tones emphasize the stunning qualities of red oak, such as its characteristic rings and distinctive grain. Jeanine hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for an elegant, stylish, and timeless home.

Jeanine  → See the product


Foresta | Unique Collection

Ash| 5 1/4 in | Matte finish | Brushed effect

Featuring a distinct, vibrant linear grain and wide rings, this 5 ¼" ash flooring is a popular choice. Foresta's many charming features offer great versatility, and its character evokes a rich sense of history.

Foresta  → See the product


Valorem | Unique Collection

Maple | 5 1/4 in | Matte finish | Brushed effect

Valorem hardwood flooring showcases the natural, distinguished characteristics of maple. Its light, warm tones blend seamlessly with modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian decors. The brushed finish adds softness and character, accentuating the natural beauty of the grain.

Valorem  → See the product


Evasion | Classic Collection

Evasion enhances the natural characteristics of the chosen wood, while accentuating its softness and warmth.

Evasion is available on maple, red oak, birch and silver maple.

Evasion | Érable argenté
Evasion | Silver maple  → See the product

Evasion | Chêne rouge
Evasion | Red oak  → See the product


For additional information, do not hesitate to consult the documentation available by clicking on the product links above. We thank you for your ongoing trust, year after year.