Why Choose PG

Why Choose PG

ELITE PG Flooring

Established company 

PG Flooring Inc. is a family enterprise founded in 1979.

Large selection of products 

More than 5000 possibilities: we offer 16 colours for application on solid hardwood and engineered wood based on an established selection of species, grades and widths. If you like to stand apart, choose from among our 31 unique stains offered on selected products.


• Our Unique Collection sets us apart from the competition and attracts new customers.
New products developed once or twice a year by our in-house innovation team, based on the latest trends.

Traits that stand apart 

• Excellent price/quality ratio.
• Finish offering the best balance between abrasion resistance, adherence, flexibility and beauty in the industry.
• Each year our R&D team improves the properties of the finishes.
Model Extreme : the toughest residential finish in the industry.
• Consistency: Smoother and more even boards, consistent grades and defect-free products.
• Multiple certifications : FSC®, GREENGUARD GOLD, C-TPAT.
Incomparable warranty

Excellent service 

• We respect promised delivery deadlines.
We listen to our clients: We are a family enterprise and we will treat you like a one of our own .
• Great after-sales service.

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PG Flooring Sustainable Development

Before the concept of sustainable development was even coined, we were already actively involved in the process, albeit informally, for several years. Concrete action in this respect is ongoing and the three aspects of sustainable development now are solidly anchored in our organizational outlook and values.


• Following a $3.5 million investment in 2010, new cutting edge equipment now allows us to achieve a material yield approaching 86%.
 More than 80% of our raw material supplies come from less than 200 km away
• Our products are eligible for FSC® certification and we cooperate actively in the certification of our suppliers, thereby benefiting the entire industry.
• Eco-design criteria are integrated into our product development process. 
• All waste wood is put to use, either to heat our buildings and kilns or through the sale of shavings to the melamine sheet wood industry, wood pellet manufacturers and farmers.
• We recycle all waste other than wood (paper, cardboard, metal, chemical and plastic products). 
• The heat generated by our equipment is recovered to heat our plants.
• Our products contribute to LEED credits
• Our finishes are COV-free (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde-free
• In 2015, all our propane-fueled forklifts were replaced by battery-electric vehicles
• We are generating approximately 12,000 carbon credits per year, available for sale.
• Teleworking and videoconferencing are increasingly being adopted by our administrative employees, reducing the CO2 emissions coming from our cars.
• All of our premises are Led-lighted.
• In 2017, all of our prefinished products received the GREENGUARD GOLD certification. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit ul.com/gg.


• Our flexible work program allows employees to reconcile work and family obligations.
• To date, we have invested time and money in the Fondation Philippe-Boucher, representing more than $500 000.
• To date, we have invested time and money in sports activities for youths in the region, representing more than $220 000.
• Not only has PG supported various social causes since 1979, but our employees have taken the initiative and become actively involved. Since 2001 alone, an amount of some $400 000 has been injected into the community.
• At PG, compliance with occupational and safety standards are key concerns. We rank among the highest performing groups of the Mutuelle 025 for which we have received several awards.


The presence of a project portfolio management structure encompassing a system to detect and select opportunities contributes to enhancing the performance of our different programs:
• Increased market share
• Maintained market shares
• Optimization material yield and enhanced action
• Employee contentment and safety

Since 2000, PG has invested more than $35 million in equipment improvement.

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