Canadian wood

Canadian wood


PG Flooring is committed to avoiding use of non-certified wood from controversial sources. Therefore, we refrain from using the following wood:

• Wood harvested from forests affected by persistent social conflict;

• Wood from highly protected non-certified sources;

• Genetically modified wood;

• Wood harvested illegally;

• Wood from natural forests converted to plantations or non-forest use.



Érable PG Model


Choose maple for hardness and a touch of modernity. Subtle shades and subdued wood grain are the hallmark of this discreet, yet classic, species renowned for its elegance.

Chêne rouge PG Model

Red Oak

Choose red oak for the liveliness of its large circular wood grain. The porous nature of the wood and subtle speckling give the impression that the wood is alive and dancing.  Without doubt, red oak draws its energy and undeniable presence from the singular richness of its markings.    

Frêne PG Model


Choose ash for the zest of its linear grain.  Its large, distinctive traits seem to become one with every aspect of a decor. Ash is characterized by the beauty of its wood grain and the subtle charm of stories untold.  

Merisier PG Model


Choose birch for the warm tones of its shades between boards. The delicate grain acts as a backdrop to a vigorous swath of colours. Stained or natural, birch deploys a lovely palette to showcase its beauty.  

Érable argenté PG Model

Silver maple

Choose silver maple for the grey tones that add a special, sought-after touch to its many shades. A natural inclination for marked colour variations nurtures surprisingly strong traits. Silver maple is classic in the discretion of its wood grain, unique for its scattered dark accents and truly worthy of admiration.

Noyer PG Model


Choose walnut for its noble and prestigious appearance. Its warm tones change and lighten over time. Like a mutating organism, the wood adapts to its decor. This is a softer wood, more prone to indentation marks, but its stylish looks will offset any blemish.